Dressed to thrill

It’s that time of year again, you’re starting to think about the Christmas Party or New Year’s Eve event that you have been looking forward to for so long. Now, what are you going to wear? The classic black dinner suit is the obvious choice but not the only one. Regardless of your preference of Martini, shaken or stirred, there are not many gentlemen who can help feeling a bit like the James Bond when donning a tuxedo. Is your inspiration Connery’s white tuxedo, the black peak lapelled dinner suit worn by Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig’s navy shawl collared dress suit? Your options are almost endless. You can make your outfit as individual as you are. It is not necessarily just a case of picking the right dinner suit or tuxedo, you might not even choose to wear a suit at all. A velvet jacket with dress trousers, for example, can look just as sophisticated. Once you have decided on the look you want to achieve, choosing the best accessories will help finish off your look. The white shirt and black bow tie are normally peoples default option, but again they’re not the only choice. There are countless options available in dress shirts, ties, pocket squares and cufflinks. So, there is no reason why you have to conform to the conventional when you really want to dress to impress. After all, this outfit isn’t just for your eyes only.

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